BT Packages – Mobile – 2013

03/Dic/2014 development projects

One of the BT campaigns I was involved with, was to create a mobile web app to promote the new phone, broadband and tv packages. We needed to develop something with a deadline so we decided to use a mobile framework for this campaign.

In this project I decided to use Jquery mobile because of my previous experience with the framework and the tight deadline. Well, a Front-end framework is always a controversy subject. I’ve worked with some of them like Bootstrap, Jquery mobile or Foundation and, depending on your requirements, you will find that a framework can be a great solution or that you are adding extra resources to your project you won’t use.

The Jquery mobile framework worked very well in this case and we knew that BT would be changing the packages prices and legal stuff quite often so we used json to maintain the content.

*Unfortunately this website is not available anymore.

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