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My website started as a personal project in 2010. The first idea was to create a place to share my pictures and my vision of the world around me, a virtual album of what I see through my lenses.

Unfortunately, taking pictures was not enough... Who is going to pay the rent?! Here was my opportunity to show more of my UX designer and developer skills.

I truly believe that along with big companies are plenty of amazing developers and designers building the world wide web. How could I possibly stay out of it!? So, here is my contribution to the community.

The man behind the walrus

Literally, that's me!
My name is Miguel and I've been working for almost a decade as a UX/Web designer and Front-end developer. I've been focusing on User Experience with great attention to detail, building websites and webapps beyond coding, keeping in mind that in front of computers, tablets or smartphones, people will expect a good looking, usable and intuitive experience.

The IT world is evolving every day and I love to search and to learn about new trends and to try new technologies. You can call me crazy but I'm one of these guys who doesn't support IE7 anymore ;)

So this is my website! My latest projects, portfolios, pictures and more!