Pharaohs of the 21st century

27/Mar/2024 photoseries projects

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Few months ago I wanted to participate in the contest «New talent Fnac Photography 2023» so I put together a set of photos from my trip to Egypt. With this photo series I tried to offer a different look of a country that is photographed millions of times a day by hordes of tourists that are mesmerised by their endless wonders. This is an attempt to portrait Egyptians everyday life instead, specially around the Nile river.
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Pharaohs of the 21st century
Like thousands of people, the culture of Ancient Egypt has fascinated me since I was a child. During my brief stay in this country, I also had the opportunity to photograph, from my privileged ‘tourist seat’, its other reality.

Visitor might not often look beyond the pyramids and temples that, immovable, observe generation after generation the day-to-day life of a country and its people, who live, and in many cases survive, beneath their feet. The Nile, backbone of this nation, is at various points a highway of boats filled with foreigners in swimming costumes looking at them and their habits by the river bank.

This is a selection of pictures of places and their inhabitants, beyond monuments and archaeological sites. Photos that aim to capture an instant in the lives of today’s Egyptians. People who tell travellers myths and legends about rulers and deities, and who preserve the mysticism of their culture. Enthusiastic people who will tell the greatness of their pharaohs to many but only a few will truly listen. Maintaining that legacy makes them the true pharaohs themselves, pharaohs of the 21st century.

The Pharaohs of the 21st century photo series is a set of 19 pictures you can explore below:

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