bohemestudio 10 years – THE BOOK!

22/Mar/2021 blog design projects

I have written a book!! It’s not a 500 pages novel but a compilation of some pictures and brief stories, reflections, memories, etc… It’s written in Spanish, but a very important part of it are the photos, so you still can enjoy it and also practice your language skills!

«10 years ago I started my online persona @bohemestudio. The main purpose was always to share my photos using that nickname but time after other ideas and creations have been added to the project. This book is a series of photos and short stories that collect some of the memories and moments that I was lucky enough to capture with my camera.»

You can purchase a copy here:

2021_bohemestudio-10anyos - Front
bohemestudio 10 años – Front cover
2021_bohemestudio-10anyos - Back
bohemestudio 10 años – Back cover

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