Newt Compton – Season 1

08/Ago/2017 design projects

Newt.Compton - Season 1_opt

February 21st 2017 was the launch day of my new illustration project on Instagram and the day the world met Newt Compton.

The idea was actually born a little bit earlier, back in December 2016, when preparing a christmas illustration. I invented a character, with a human appearance, wearing a bubble on his head.

After that we started developing more about his background: a voyager from an unknown galaxy who came to visit our planet. During the first season of his adventures he has been to a variety of places and situations, a new story and a new piece of his travel diary every week. Newt lands a critical eye on our planet and our society but also enjoys the wonders of our world !

Keep tuned in if you want to know more about Newt’s next destinations… More adventures coming soon!

Newt Compton - Episode 17 - 16-June-2017

Newt Compton – Episode 17 – 16-June-2017

Newt Compton - Episode 21 - 14-July-2017

Newt Compton – Episode 21 – 14-July-2017

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