How to sell a bot…meet Blendy!

Blender Landing page illustration


I’m going to share in this post the landing pages I built (design and development) for four of our new products. This piece of work made me think about the time I worked in an advertisement agency. Wow! It has been a crazy roller coaster but I did learn a lot. To sell an idea is very important and as a designer (specially fan of visuals) I think it’s my duty to help people to make their ideas look pretty and it is very challenging for me to try to explain abstract ideas with illustrations.

In this case those ideas, or those ‘products to sell’ are bots! To sell a bot could be compared to… well, I have no clue. As I said before, my time in the agency tought me that with nice visuals and crazy ideas you can pitch to sell mostly anything. And when I say anything I mean things like cups of coffee, jewellery, broadband packages or sexy bingo casinos (true story).


Finally I have my statements:

  • One of the KPIs of the team is to engage people to use our products such as these bots.
  • To achieve KPIs is very important not only for us as a team but also for the business.
  • My challenge as a designer is to promote and to increase adoption of these bots.


I know that in this case my audience who are bot users, are people with a strong technical background… That’s why my illustrations are based on concepts such as simplicity, technology, automation, robots, machines, circuits etc.

Here is the final design of a landing page that aims to spread the word about the new bots in town!


Bots landing pages - Illustrations

Bots landing pages – Illustrations

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