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11/Dic/2014 design projects

When you are working in a company that have different products it is really important to keep their brand image consistent.

Precisely one of my first tasks when I joined Yecco* was to bring consistency across all the products, websites and mobile apps. There was a huge difference between the look and feel in different platforms. Obviously, even the designs and interfaces can change in order to achieve the best User Experience across different devices but certainly there are some points in common you have to respect regarding the brand image.

So the first step was to create a common document for developers and designers to tell them about the basic styles and colors they needed to use in their designs and code. That was the Yecco Style guide. A place to be able to find font-sizes, brand logos and colour palette was necessary.

Yecco Social - Logo Style guide

Yecco Styleguide Logo

The logo defines the main brand image and the base colour on the rest of the products. I wanted to specify how to use the logo in the web platform but most importantly, the things not to do with the logo.


Yecco Social - Colour Style guide

Yecco Styleguide Colour palette

Unfortunately, working in a startup you don’t have enough time to improve the documentation and you have to schedule your time between different projects. However, I finally found the time to write a Yecco Social Styleguide for the web version that we used for the different products. We could also have improved this document with specific guidelines for the rest of the products such as iOs/Android, Yecco Pro or Yecco Insurance.

You can find the full PDF style guide here.


*UPDATE April 2015: is no longer available. For more information visit

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