Kame Hame Ha – Miscellaneous

Kame Hame Ha – Miscellaneous

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Categories: photography miscellaneous
Published: 28/May/2014
Year - Title - Location - Original Size: 2014 - Kame Hame Ha - Valencia, Spain
Copyright: © All rights reserved | @bohemestudio, bohemestudio.com & Miguel Angel Rodriguez Garcia.

3 Comments to “Kame Hame Ha – Miscellaneous”

  1. marodriguezgarcia@gmail.com dice:

    Yes it is 16:9 @sthreo but I don’t use a concrete format when I crop pictures but I look for the best frame and composition :)

  2. Sthreo dice:

    Is this 16:9? So powerful! Love it!

  3. Anna dice:

    So cool :D

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